BB Frösch Handmade Brush Conditioning Soap


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Protect your investment with BB Frösch handmade brush conditioning soap! Exclusively formulated to clean AND condition your BB Frösch brushes to keep them clean and soft. Other cleaning products can strip your valuable brushes making them dry and brittle.

The fresh and clean scented soap is strong enough to clean and condition your brushes but gentle enough to leave your hands clean and soft at the same time.

The unique soap-in-jar design keeps your cleaning station neat–no more soap residue next to the faucet! Just wet your brush and swirl it in the soap to create a lather. Work the lathered bristles in your hand and rinse. Repeat until water runs clear.

The large 8 oz. jar lasts twice as long as regular soap. When it finally runs out, keep the plastic jar and simply drop in a replacement puck!

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8 oz. Jar, 6 oz. Refill Puck